Camp'n See is an Australian Trademark owned by Timothy Bonerb.  All Rights Reserved / Patents Pending

Camp'n See Australia

Enjoy the video presentation showing the the first Camp'n See prototype being built at Kanea Point in Hawaii by inventor Tim Bonerb. And now - many years later and after a year long trip and book tour through Australia, my van (equipped with Camp'n See) proved to be the perfect mode of exploration from the major cities to the outback. No worries about snakes, crocks and other native creatures; when I camped and fell asleep at night - I was seven feet above the ground, all tucked in, safe and with spectacular views of the night sky.  

At the end of my trip, I decided to stay close by to one of my grain silo customers near Adelaide, in Southern Australia.  In addition to the roof top mounted Camp'n See for cars and pick-ups, the van product is also available for sale or rent.  So, get off your couch and discover the beautiful and wild country of Australia.

Call Tim Bonerb in Adelaide at +61 8 7100 1995